Ad Astra Music Festival

Celebrating five years of classical music in Russell, Kansas

St Matthew Passion

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St Matthew Passion


Saturday, July 28, 2018
St Mary Queen of Angels Catholic Church
415 S Windsor St, Russell, KS 67665

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The season ends with a performance of J.S. Bach's St. Matthew Passion. One of the most influential works in all of music, our performance of Bach's masterpiece will take audiences immersively through modern stations of the cross. The Russell Community Choir will sing parts of the work in a modern English translation commissioned for this performance, while our visiting artists will perform the bulk of the piece in a style close to what would've been heard in Bach's time. The visiting artists are brought to Russell in part from a grant from the Russell County Area Community Foundation.

Madeline Apple Healey, soprano
Aani Bourassa, soprano
Tim Parsons, countertenor
Kim Leeds, alto
Nate Hodgson, tenor
Gene Stenger, tenor
Dan Moore, baritone
Edmund Milly, baritone

Evangelist: Brian Thorsett, tenor
Jesus: Robert Ward, baritone

Ad Astra String Quartet
Ben Cline, cello
Hilary Shepard, flute
Annie Gnojek, flute
Ellen Mosley, flute
Christina Webster, flute
Emily Foltz, oboe
Margaret Marco, oboe
Kristin Sarvela, oboe
Mika Allison, oboe
Patty Fagan-Miller, bassoon
Patrick Murray, organ
César Cañón, harpsichord

Alex Underwood, conductor
Sasha Hildebrand, stage director